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Computer updates Windows 7 EVERY time it shuts down

I have an HP 6320y computer with Windows 7 and running Kaspersky Antivirus. Every time it shuts down i get a message that it is performing one Windows update... even when I might shut down ten times during the day. What's going on here? how do I stop this?
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  1. It sounds like you have a windows update that's failing, so it's trying to update every time, and failing every time.

    Go into windows update and try do it manually.
  2. Thanks for the above link. I downloaded and installed it, but the problem persists. Windows Updates indicates error code 646 and KB2754670.
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    That update is for Microsoft Works 9. Do you use this?

    Try downloading the update manually from here -

    Also could try the system update readiness tool:

    Not sure if it has one, but maybe run a repair install on Works?
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