Can I get windows 7 cheaper if I am in high school?

So I must have come across a million sites where people can get Windows 7 for like, 50 bucks if they are in COLLEGE or UNIVERSITY. But is it possible for me to get it cheaper if I am a high school student? I really don't want to have to dish out 270$ (and I that's american, I am canadian!). All help appreciated!
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  1. for those 2 work you need a .edu email address.
    Ask one of your teachers if they have one and would be willing to help you out.
    I am sure that they would.
  2. There is the upgrade edition of Windows 7 $125 CAD

    You might be able to 'enroll' in a college course (e-learning), get a Uni email address and qualify for the sweet student deal.
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