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I am finding conflicting data on which CPU's the K7T Pro supports. I've heard everything from 1200MHZ Thunderbird to XP1800+!!! does anyone know that truth about this? is anyone running an XP processor on their K7T Pro? I'd like to get an XP since they are cheaper and a bit better but I don't want to find out that my board doesnt support it.

Thanks for the help
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  1. You cannot run an Athlon XP on the K7T Pro because XPs run off of a 266 mHz FSB, while the K7T Pro only supports 200 mHz FSB. So, if you were to buy an XP 1800+ (1533 mHz), it would only run at 1150 mHz. Plus, I don't even think the K7T will evem work if you put an XP in it, as older mobos usually need a BIOS update to work with XPs, and being MSI doesn't offer a BIOS update for it, it won't work. MSI's website says the K7T will work with an Athlon 1200, 200 mHz FSB, while AMD's site only authenticates it for an Athlon 1100, at 200 mHz FSB. I'm sure it would work fine with a 1200. I have this same mobo, so I am interested in what the highest upgrade would be too. But, I am positive an XP will not work with this mobo.

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  2. thanks for the input. i realize that MSI only says the K7TPro supports up to 1200mhz but i'm pretty sure that anything up to a 1400 mhz would work in it. i didnt think a polomino would run on it but i was cautiously hopeful. i'm going to be getting a 1.4 (or probably a 1.3 since i can no longer find a 1.4 for a decent price) very soon so ill let you know what happens with it.

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