Buying a Tablet PC for Digital Art: Is 1.2ghz solo enough?

Basically as the thread title says. I am buying a Motion LE1700 tablet pc. Its kind of a budget alternative to buying a wacom Cintiq, and while it doesnt' have as many levels of pressure it's a whooooole lot cheaper.

The Motion Le1700 is unique in being one of the only tablet PCs with Wacom tech,and its gotten a good reputation amongst the digital artist community. It doesn't pack the punch of my laptop or desktop but it pretty much going to be a single purpose use machine. Drawing and sketching in Corel Painter.

Now here is the specs:

2gigs of DDR2 Ram (I think I will upgrade that to 4 though)

80 gig hard drive

1.2 core Solo CPU

The rest of the specs are pretty good. The only one I am worried about is the processor. Does 1.2 sound like enough to do work in Corel Painter? Min specs for painter ram is 512. Would RAM or CPU have a greater effect on the ability for the machine to render brush paths and such? I want min lag when working, since the purpose is to be intuitive.

Min specs for Corel painter are 1 ghz of CPU. So it meets the min, but I don't know if thats really enough for me. Thoughts?

Corel min requirement page:

Motion Le1700 bid page:
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  1. well I can't tell you how good it is at running corel with that processor, but it meets your minimum requirements, so I don't see why it would have problems running it.

    I'm not an artist and I've never had a tablet, but generally speaking yes, getting a faster cpu will give you faster processing, will it be a noticeable improvement over the one you have here, I can't tell you.

    here's a review for a machine with the same cpu

    maybe you can find some reviews for that one and that will give you an idea of what the processor is capable of
  2. I can tell you the 1.2ghz core solo will work pretty well if you try not multi tasking too much. You may notice a little lag as you're painting on the screen but just take it a little slower and you probably won't even notice. The 4gb of ram would definitely be very beneficial. I had an Hp 12.1 laptop with a swivel touch screen that had quite a bit better specs and it lagged a little while drawing on screen but wasn't anything bad.
  3. Hmmm well I guess I'll see then. At least I can always return it. Here's to hoping
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