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Hi, i have a computer that has 32 bit and i wanna put my old 64 bit hard drive in,can i just throw it in and it will work? if not can i just put two hard drives in my computer, and just switch over when i need my 64 bit?, i really dont feel like going threw with reformating it and then finding a windows cd to put a 32 bit program on my bigger older hard drive
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  1. Windows will not start when you move it to different hardware from another PC.
    You can put the drive in to any computer if you just want to use it as a storage drive, otherwise you'll have to reformat it and re-install Windows on it, using that computer.
  2. Uhh, I don't really understand your question, just to say that 32 bit applications will work on 64 bit operating systems also. You might just as well format your hard drive, and install a 64 bit operating system on it.
  3. At minimum, you would need to do a windows repair after installing the drive. But if you did that, you might as well just format it and do a fresh install.
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