MSI GT683R vs. Sager NP8150-SI

I am looking at the MSI GT683R with the GTX 560M or the Sager NP8150-S1 with the ATI 6970M. The Has much better sound and is just cooler but the Sager has the ATI 6970M.
Any Thoughts??? I want to play Battle Field 3 when it comes out and Crisis 2 and others but I guess those will be the most demanding.
Also the MSI has a overclock on and off button witch seems nice. With Sager you can have it overclocked when you buy it but I guess it is that way all the time and it will use more power. I like the fechers on the MSI better I just wish it could come with the ATI 6970M.
So, I was wondering if the ATI 6970M will make a huge differants over the GTX 560M?

PS Also I didn't know if it is worth getting the 95% NTSC Color Gamut screen? Is it really that much better? I do a lot of Photo's
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  1. 6970M is much faster than GTX 560M and 8150 has a better display too(especially with the 95% NTSC color),so overall 8150 is a far better choice
  2. Thanks, for your thoughts!
    So, do you think it is worth the $75. to get the Sager 8150-si overclocked? is there any disadvantage to overclocking? The Sager 8150-SI I going to cost quite a bet more but I guess it will be worth it. and it I wanted to the 95% NTSC color screen on the MSI GT683R Then the price isn't that differant.
  3. Oh, also What do you think about the "500GB (w/ 4GB SSD Memory) Seagate XT 7200RPM NCQ Hybrid 32MB Cache (Serial-ATA II 3GB/s " over the standard 500GB 7200rpm with 16mb Cache. Is it worth the $75. ?
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  5. 8150-S1 isn't overclocked.And I wouldn't recommend OC'ng a notebook because of the amount of heat it produces.
    And yes,the Seagate XT is worth the extra $75 IMO,it's notably faster than the standard 500GB
  6. Thanks, for your help
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