When your laptop gets hot is it a hardware problem?

when your laptop gets hot.. is it a hardware problem?
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  1. Hello jee_90;

    How hot does it get? It it how sitting idle, or only during hard usage such as playing a game?
  2. uhmm when im typing a document on Ms word, browsing the internet and when I play games just like solitaire. my netbook gets hot in just a short period of time like 15 to 20 mins after the start up.
  3. Does it get hotter than it used to get doing the same thing?
    Have you measured the system temps?

  4. what make and model unit.?
  5. no i have never measure the system temperature. Yes,,, it gets hotter.
  6. How old is it? Does the fan seem to work harder that it used to?
    It could need a general cleaning of the cooling fan.
  7. Hi.. its acer aspire one d260
  8. Uhmm almost 5 months old Sir. I dunno about the fan :-?
  9. It looks like it's a hot running netbook. What you have is "probably" normal.
    Acer Aspire One D260 Review
    You should see if you can monitor the operating temps
  10. thanks WR2^_^
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