Is my laptop overheating

Hello, i have a HP f500 and its making a a bit of noise and is really hot where the fan is. My cpu idle temps are 63
, is this to high and does the fan need replacing. Would appreciate feedback.
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  1. Hello dan2222;

    That's looking high for an idle laptop temp.
    How old is your laptop? Make and model?
    Has the laptop fan ever been cleaned?
  2. Ok its a Hp f500 pentium dual core 2 gb ram. Not sure how old as it was giving to me by someone as they said it did not work.

    I worked out that hdd was knackered so replaced it and loaded win 7 pro, and it all worked. But then i noticed how hot the side was by the fan. And i doubt the fan has ever been cleaned. Im not too good with laptops so dont know whats what.
  3. Sorry i just looked and its a compaq pressario f500
  4. It's probably about 4 years old then.
    HP Compaq F500 Series Review (a 560 model in this review)
    Check the remarks about heat and see if it matches your laptop.

    It's probably a good idea to monitor the system temps and find out how hot the CPU is running.

  5. Ok yeah it does say it gets warm. I set core temp to turn it off it gets to 90.

    How would i clean fan.

    And thank you for your help WR2
  6. Ok i turned it off and on again and now is idling at 49-50 do yo think it may have been hot cause i just installed operating system.
  7. 50C @ idle does seem too high. And no, an OS install all by itself should not increase operating temps.

    Generic advice: HP Notebook PCs - Reducing Heat and Fan Noise by Cleaning Air Vents
    How to Clean the Fan on a Compaq Laptop
  8. It says if you had for 6 months you should open up and clean. Its 4 years old and has never been cleaned lol so i think i will take apart and give a clean.

    Thank you so much for your help.
  9. -> The usual advice; read the manual ; look at the parts, read the manual again and if everything makes sense and looks right - then go ahead with the dissassembly.

    Let us know how you make out.
  10. Im sorry im such an idiot. The laptop model i stated to you is my old laptop, a compaq. The one that was given to me that is overheating is a Hp g7000.
  11. Is it not something that i can do myself.
  12. With the laptop powered off get a can of compressed air and blow it throw the intake vents first. After that blow through the exhaust vent. Repeat until dust doesn't come out anymore :)
  13. dan2222 said:
    Is it not something that i can do myself.

    Hi dan,

    did you manage to fix the problem with overheating, how if so please?

    I have similar issue, the HP G7000 laptop completely powers off, seems overheating but the fan rotates and there is no dust? Idle temp is around CPU 62 celcius / board 47.5

    Somebody suggested installing Win 7 as a resolution but that sounds quite weird...

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