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I'm a total newbie to this forum and have assembled a PC using the AMD 1800XP CPU. My question is what temperature does the CPU generally run at? I'm not getting any problems but being kind of cautious periodically check my CPU Temp as reported by the BIOS, and it seems to be between 55-63 Celcius.

The thermal compound I ordered was in the form of a sticker, with a similar sticker on the base of the cpu heatsink. I'm paranoid that perhaps the heatsink and cpu are not making direct contact, maybe there is a gap.

If this is the case, what kind of compound should I buy and how should I apply it to the CPU (do I put it on the sides, in the middle, all over?). Or is a gap between the two ok?

Thx for any advice.

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  1. well there is a thread with similar subject open right now..
    anyway here's the thing, the sticker is less effective then paste, and if you are going to buy paste now buy -"Arctic silver II", its made of high conductive high % silver thus providing you with good heat disapision on the heat sink.

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  2. Arctic Silver is the s*%t, but your CPU is within acceptable ranges. I suggest getting some, but you are ok if you dont.....

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