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Do I have a bad CPU?

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November 9, 2001 7:42:59 PM

The board is an Epox EP-8KTA+ (rev 2.1)

The board supports:
1200mb CPU w/200fsb
VIA Chipset KT133
PC133/VC133 SDram up to 1.5g
4x AGP
AC97 PC Audio OnBoard Sound

The CPU is AMD 1200 w/200fsb - OEM - not Retail
Heatsink-Fan (CoolerMaster's DP5-6I31A, AMD Approved)

Through the process of elimination I now have the board stripped down to the MOBO and
PSU (AMD Approved 300w, ATX 2.03),
VIDEO CARD (Guillemot nVidea GEForce256 32mb w/tv),
1 STICK 256mb PC 133 (Micron) RAM.
Sony Floppy Drive
Note: Everything is new.

From square one, the machine has done nothing but light up the monitor, although I think it (the monitor) does that even when it isn't hooked to anything.

There are no codes, beeps or errors. Only the screen described above.

Here are my settings on the MOBO:

CPU Host Clock is set at 100MZ (default)
CPU Vio is set on 3.4 (default)
CPU VCore is set on #6 (auto)
CPU Ratio Select is set on (auto)

CMOS Clear is set on NORMAL (default)
STR is disabled (default)
Power Loss Recovery is disabled (default)
KBPO is Disabled (default)

Ram is seated very good, as is the video card, (also tried another video card-same results).
I also hooked up the monitor to another machine, and the monitor is working good. I also tried another working floppy that is known to be good, and also checked the new Sony Floppy in another machine and it is working good. The new floppy cable also checks out good. The floppy boot disk is also a good disk, (it booted my other machine to A:\ prompt).

I'm gettin lights to my power LEDs on the front and the little STR (ACPI) LED on the MoBo. All the cooling fans are working, and the PowerOn/Off switch is working.

One thing I noticed is that there doesn't seem to be any heat coming from the CPU. I can hold my hand on the heatsink for as long as I want, (even after running for awhile), and it remains cool to the touch. I'm not sure if this is normal or not for a machine that isn't doing anything.

Another thing (not relevant), was that there was no paper to peel off of the substance on the bottom of my CollerMaster HSF when I opened it up. The grease was hard to the touch and not a greasy substance (kinda dried up like). Is this normal? I've always put my own grease on.

After all this, all I can get this thing to do is absolutely nothing.

There are no codes, beeps or errors. Only the screen described above.

Any feedback on this would be appreciated

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November 9, 2001 9:54:31 PM

Its called RMA, seek one asap.

Get a Intel based machine and you will be on the road to recovery.

RMA comes from the person you purchased your "awe inspiring, state of the fart, rock solid, P4 killing, 100% compatable" piece of crap computer from.

No excuses, you shouldnt have to deal with a DOA system like that. its pretty damn hard to make a mistake plugging CPU in and video card to get it to post. your not getting beep codes or anything so your pretty much screwed.

I thought about suggesting switching power supplies and ram (like 90% of AMD owners do, go figure =P). I doubt either will help you based upon lack of beep codes and post at this point.

I think some PSU problems can be catagorized as "non AMD compatable" whitch blows that 100% Intel compatable theory out the window.
November 9, 2001 10:02:21 PM

Yeah right FUGGER, he probably got a bad mobo, it happens even to intel systems. The only road he will be on if he gets an equavalent p4 system is the road to bankruptcy. Take your troll FUD elsewhere.

"The Cash Left In My Pocket,The BEST Benchmark"
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November 10, 2001 1:17:56 AM

Thanks for the disenchanting news. A fried Motherboard huh,
I guess there's no chance it would be the CPU instead?
November 10, 2001 1:19:58 AM

There shouldnt be a reason to suspect the cpu unless you installed the hsf wrong or something of that nature. I personally think something is just shorted out and reseattingf the mobo in the case could help, but if it is something bad, either the ram or the mobo is generally the first cause.

"The Cash Left In My Pocket,The BEST Benchmark"
November 10, 2001 1:21:01 AM

Nope, sounds like the motherboard to me.

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