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Hello guys, i have "HP 620" notebook that I'm trying to fix for a friend. He was working in the notebook until suddenly the blue screen appeared, after that, the notebook couldn't go past the OS logo, then the blue screen reappears. I tried to install a new version of Windows 7 and it went well until the the following error appeared when trying to locate the installation path

"No drives were found. Click Load Driver to provide a mass storage driver for installation."

I have installed several drivers for this laptop from Hp without success, all the drivers I downloaded were incompatible.
note: at the bottom of the laptop, it says that the OS is "Windows 7 Pro OA".

how can I solve this problem? Could the HD have gone dead so suddenly? If so, how can I know that? Or could the HD have lost connection with the Motherboard? please guys, I'm open to any suggestions or solutions. Thanks.
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  1. This can help you


    I have the same problem
    I didn't try the link's solution yet
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