Good laptop for email, internet, word processing and movies

I am in the market (around $500) for a laptop (have never had one before). Basic uses would be internet, word processing and watching movies (either on the laptop directly or via Blue-ray player on TV.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good laptop for these uses?
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  1. Well virtually any laptop at your local electronics store in that price range should be good. So long as it's a dual core all modern laptop graphics accelerate hd video for smooth playback. Also seems like you might be interested in streaming movies to your tv, so try find a laptop with hdmi out.
  2. so you're looking for a laptop with blu ray?
  3. sorry for the double post but i found this laptop its good for movies. and has an hdmi out in case you wanna stream stuff onto your tv. it only has 2gb of ram though.
  4. If I were you jm I'd go with computer nuggets suggestion since the graphics card in that laptop would allow smoot playback of any videos you streamed so long as you had the bandwidth
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