Computer illiterate and need help!!!

I was watching youtube videos on my ASUS A52F while washing dishes (not clever, i know) and accidentally got some soap suds on the keyboard, barely any! Didn't think it was a big deal so i just brushed it off. Got a phone call once i was done, so i just closed laptop. When i opened it again, there was a blue screen saying ASUS Tek. Easy Flash Utility and other stuff. My 'q' key wasn't working so i couldn't exit it. I turned it off and on by pressing the power button and it automatically booted into ASUS Tek. Easy Flash Utility again. I restarted again and got into BIOS i believe and fidgeted around an eventually 'discarded changes and exit' and windows started normally.

Now my laptop automatically boots into ASUS Tek. Easy Flash Utility when i turn it on. How can I get it to boot normally again?

Also, some of the keys on my laptop aren't working:
left tab, windows key, q, t, y, o, ', x, c, v, m, right ctrl, right shift, comma, period, forward slash, and 2 on number pad.
I'm currently using On-Screen Keyboard to type this.

I took all the keys out and the little tabs under each key, then this black sheet with rubber buttons, then a blue-ish sheet i think is called a circuit board, and carefully cleaned it all using a quick-dry glasses cleaning solution; looked fine but didn't help at all.

Also downloaded like 5 diff spyware/malware/virus protection programs and it found some stuff but didn't help anything.

I've had my laptop for less than a year, bought it off, but don't think i have the receipt anymore.

Can I fix it myself or should I just bring my laptop to a ASUS Notebook Authorized Service Provider and see if they can do anything? How much is that gonna cost me?
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  1. I once spilled a glass of cranberry juice onto the keyboard of a laptop. The entire contents of the glass went down into the laptop thru the keyboard. It immediately went on the fritz. I pulled the AC cord and the battery out of it in a flash (a few seconds, at most).

    Leaving it unpowered, I took out the HDD and the DVD (only 3 or 4 screws total to do all that). I flooded the compartment with tap water, drained it and flushed it a few times more to remove the cranberry juice and prevent any possible residue. It seemed risky but to do nothing meant a dead laptop.

    I did not attempt to disassemble the laptop any further than described and certainly did not take apart my keyboard.

    I left it unused, standing on one end for a few days so it could dry out. When I reassembled it and it worked just fine.

    I'd say, put it back together and do what I did. What do you have to lose?
  2. i did fix my lap.
    u need test your keyboard . .
    "F4" not working. Just take keyboard out laptop and fix it.
    I think your keyboard have problem or capable's keyboard.

    Ho Phuoc Tran
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