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I have just bought an Athlon XP 1800 CPU and of course a fan for it. But this fan is too noisy. I asked for a better fan to my shop but they said that I have the best one for Athlon XP series. My fan is Zalman 5000 series. Do you have any suggestion to me. This noise in unbelivable and I can not stand too much. If I could not find a better solution I have to turn to P4 side. Please give me a suggestion.
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  1. Buy a Thermaltake Volcano 6cu.

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  2. Check out the reviews of heatsinks here in Tom's. Search "heatsinks", you'll find a bunch of articles.
  3. That's a good HS, and quite quiet. My case fans make more noise, and it keeps my 1600+ under 50C at full load (45-48 depending on room temp).

    Many people equate top of the line with cooling power. If you aren't overclocking, you don't need the "top of the line" fans. Anything that keeps your system in tolerable temps is good, and there are several quiet solutions.

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  4. I have Zalman as a cooler but it is not quiet.
    In the page "" they say Zalman is a quiet cooler but I have it and it is not a quiet cooler.

    If you can check this page and suggest one of them I would be pleased.

    I do not make overclocking.

    I need quiet and quiet and again super quiet solution. Just that.
  5. That's impossible, Zalman is practically the quietest thing out there unless you go with water cooling.

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  6. If Zalman is quitest, there is no quiet solution for an AthlonXP 1800+.

    Huh :(
  7. no, Zalman is the quietest solution for the PC not just the Athlon XP.

    AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
  8. volcano 6 or 7

    any decent alluminium cooler should do the job.
    check the reviews

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  9. The Zalman is NOT the quietest cooler out there...believe me, and trust me, a P4 solution will not by any quieter than getting a Thermaltake Volcanno 6 Cu. (Copper) believe me it will run great with your chip...and it is very quiet... =)

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  10. Dude, your post makes no sense. Are you guys talking Zalman Flower cooler or the QuietPC type fan (Molex) setup? I thought Zalman makes a standard Heatsink too? Anywho, for a standard non-overclocked Athlon XP, Thermaltake is prolly the best route. Unless you get fancy and start taking the best heatsink (aruguable) and mix and match fans with varying sound. Delta is whiny, Sunnon is as fast, but creates less pressure, and more of a Whoosh. Each fan company's fans have a distinct sound.

    Personally I use a 31cfm Thermaltake 60mm fan and an Alpha Pal-6035MFC heatsink. Not silent, I can hear the fan, but it's not an ear peircing turbine that my black Label Delta was.

    Basically you have to find a decent heatsink, aluminum or copper, I prefer aluminum with copper inlay, and match the fan you can stand while getting maximum CFM.

    <b>"These are my thoughts, your mileage may vary."
  11. A review of coolers at Tom's hardware says that the best hsf for great cooling and low noise is Noise Control Silverado.

    It maybe a litle costy, but that's one more option.

    Good luke,

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