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Blue screen in brand new netbook

Hi, tom's hardware community!

Here I am again because a strange problem with my new Netbook. I bought it last month. It's a Lenovo Ideapad S10-3, 2Gb DRR2 RAM, Intel Atom N550 and a 250Gb HDD, Win 7 Starter service pack1. The issue has happened twice, whilst I was net surfing: the system stops working, sends me a blue screen and then reboots (I have to power off the computer anyway after the rebooting, because it freezes). Now I'll show you the detailed report that windows gave me, in both occations:

Firma con problemas:
Nombre del evento de problema: BlueScreen
Versión del sistema operativo: 6.1.7601.
Id. de configuración regional: 13322

Información adicional del problema:
BCCode: d1
BCP1: 00000014
BCP2: 00000002
BCP3: 00000000
BCP4: 8894FBF2
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1

Archivos que ayudan a describir el problema:
C:\Users\Alexander Neira\AppData\Local\Temp\WER-49857-0.sysdata.xml

I though it was the RAM, because I had some similar error when I had a bad memory on my desktop rig. However, each time I had this problem in the netbook, I was using an USB Optical Mouse (Genius brand, I don't know the model) that a friend lent me.

So, I don't really know. I hope you guys could help me. I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you!
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  1. Hello Alex_60;

    Can you run your netbook for a while without the USB mouse and see if you can recreate the problem?
    I'd try that as your first trouble shooting step.
  2. Hello, WR2

    My mistake for not doing that before asking, but ...well! Thank you anyway. The netbook hasn't crashed when opening the same internet sites w/o using the mouse. So, by now, it may be a hardware issue with the mouse.

    Thanks for answering, and I'll report here if something changes.
  3. Hey!
    Is there any possibility that connecting the USB mouse during the boot screen leads to the issue? Now Im' using the mouse as testing, I waited until windows is completely loaded and opened the same applications. Nothing has happened yet.
  4. Hello
    Well, i've been net surfing w/o the optical mouse during these days. However, today I had exactly the same problem.

    Please, I need help! because guarantees aren't eternal, you know.
  5. After thinking about this some more it might be possible the laptop is trying 'energy conservation' tactics and shutting down 'unnecessary' USB devices. That might explain the mouse issue.

    But the same symptoms without the mouse? That seems to say it's maybe not USB related at all.

    What programs you have loaded after you purchased the netbook?
  6. One think I'd recommend surfing the net with the AC power connected.
    Try and test if the problem is related to operating on the battery alone.
  7. I had the same problem with a completely different laptop with the same Operating System.

    I fixed it by tweaking the power settings. It turns off USB devices and things it thinks aren't critical that are. Try making a new power setting in which everything is set to maximum performance, plugged in or not. If the problem goes away, you can start changing things and seeing what happens. If not, well, ***.
  8. Thank you for the quick answer. I'll try using the netbook connected to AC. Well, the programs I've run in the netbook are mainly winamp, firefox, warcraft3, Return to castle wolfenstein, some oxford dictionaries, microsoft office (which had some issue that I couldn't fix - it won't let me open a word file, for example, directly but only after I opened word alone). However, the problem has just happened while I was using firefox plus winamp. I also thought about the energy consumption settings and I had them set to maximum when this happened the last time (disconnected though.) So, i'll wait a little bit more, as to know if it has to do with the battery. Otherwise, I think it's all about the RAM (it's that sort of blue screen) and then i'll carry it to the tech support office.
  9. If it were the RAM, it seems to me that Warcraft III and Microsoft Office would cause blue screens, as they use a lot more RAM than firefox and/or WinAmp.

    Actually, looking at the programs it crashes with, if it were my computer, I would definitely assume the wireless chip is the culprit.

    I suggest you go into your power settings and make sure that both settings are "High Performance" on the wireless card, regardless of whether or not it is on battery.
    Also, and this might fix the problem entirely, update the drivers for your wireless chip. Do NOT ask Windows to look for an update - It usually doesn't find new ones.
    Get them from the wireless chip manufacturer's website (Not to be mistaken for your laptop's stocker/manufacturer, which will only give you the driver you already have. For example, if your wireless chip is Realtek and your laptop is made by Toshiba, go to Realtek's website, not Toshiba's website.).
    To see what chip you have, if you don't know how (Which I'm sure you do, but I'll tell you just in case), go to Control Panel --> Networking and Internet --> Network and Sharing Center --> Change Adapter Settings --> Properties for Wireless Network. It will say something on the first page like "Realtek Blah Blah Blah Bunch of Numbers".
    Use that to find your drivers.

    Again, do NOT use Window's update drivers feature or your hardware manufacturer, as they are usually far behind on the new drivers.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!
  10. Best answer
    I have a few issues with WinAmp. It's too heavily involved in 'taking control' of a system for my taste, and it's more resource intensive then some other media players. It's been known as a 'bad actor' in many systems.
    This would be my #1 suspect for a possible 'program offender'.
  11. Thanks! Well, i forgot to mention that the last time I was on the net, I was using a mobile internet modem, so I was not using the chipset itself (I think-correct me if I am wrong). About WinAmp... well's quite heavy to load and it's very likely that it is the problematic program. Anyway I'll update all the drivers directly from their vendors-and surely stop using winamp (because I remember it collapsing in another computer when it had an extremely long playlist.)
  12. Hi!
    Thanks for all the help! It finally seemed that winamp was causing all the trouble. Now I'm using VLC player and the system runs smoothly. I only hope not being asking for such things again too soon.

    Thanks to everyone who gave possible solutions.
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