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Old faithfull booting super slow.

I have an old Dell Latitude D610 with ati x300 video. It's been getting slower at loading from bios on. I've already tested/replaced memory, removed all removable hardware and tried to boot to bios with no improvement. I did get it going for a while but it didn't last. I also did a quick cleaning. Any ideas? Should I tear it down? I'd really like to save it.

Thanx in advance. :hello:
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  1. smart defrag. download it and run it. ccleaner download that and run it. do the registry clean too.
  2. Thanx but your suggestions are only pertinent after the OS is loaded. In this case the OS is not yet loaded. This is not an OS problem.
  3. are you saying that the os will not boot? if it does smart defrag will do a boot time defrag if you tell it too meaning is will defrag the os files.
  4. Wow, talk about continuing to track off course. Do you know the difference between boot and post? :pt1cable: Anyway I identified the issue tracing it to an intermittent connection on the motherboard. Old school temp fix will due until I find the tools I need to make a permanent repair. Thanx for all the suggestions. :hello:
  5. when i cloned my hard drive it went from taking 1:30 min to get to the desktop consistently then defragging and using the registry cleaner brought it down to 35 secs so it does help.

    but i dont want to argue.
  6. Um no, Your way off base. Please read my original post again. I removed all removable hardware which includes all drives. I've identified the issue and your not even close.
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    Hi :)

    CLOSING due to age...

    All the best Brett :)
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