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Here's my stupid question that hopefully has a simple answer. I just built a computer, P4 2.4G and running wimdows ME. Everything works fine except the USB ports. In the device manager, the PCI Universal Serial Bus has the yellow circle and exclamation point. Under the general tab it says the problem is that "the drivers for this device are not installed (code 28)" but when I try to install them it can't find them anywhere even though I have the disk that contains them in the drive. Now the hard drive is pulled from an old computer and the drivers that are on the motherboard startup disk are USB 2.0. So what do I need to do?
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  1. Check again whether you've enabled USB support in BIOS.
  2. There may be an 'install drivers' on the motherboard cd menu when you start it. Run it.

    If you have and the drivers still are not there browse the cd and look for seperate folders.

    There should be a folder named USB or similar. Open the folder and run setup.

    The drivers could also be included in a single folder named 'motherboard update' or '4in1' or similar. Open this folder and run setup.

    Also, don't forget to install DMA drivers. They may be in a folder named DMA or IDE or some such thing. This will speed up your HDs and CDs.

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  3. Microsoft will not support usb2.0 in windows 9x, only in 2000 and xp. Your only hope is to get the drivers to work off the cd. I also have a PE motherboard and on my motherboard's website it said to use the microsoft drivers in winxp sp1. After I installed the usb2.0 drivers from service pack 1 it recognized my new hardware but still will not work properly. I had to purchase a pci to usb2.0 controller card. It works like a breeze now. I have no clue why the microsoft provided driver had problems? The add on cards are only like 15 bucks, which is very cheap.
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