System disk problem on new build


Well here is the problem. Got everything installed and ready to power up. it goes thru its setup and when it goes thru its boot up list I get an error saying this:

Disk boot faliure,insert system disk and press enter

I've set the boot up list with floppy first and cd-rom second and then the other way around. Even if I have the floppy as 1st bootable device I still get the CD ROM message above.

I am using a burnt copy of Windows XP PRo as my system disk and a friend of mine who is a CS major believes that I need a legal copy of an MS OS.....wondering what your opinion is on this.
Im completly lost and frustrated as all HELL. Any help/comments/advice/suggestions are sooooooooo appreciated!!!

My specs:
AMD 1600+ XP
Teac floppy
ibm 20 hdd-new drive
lite-on dvd-rom
2x 256mb crucial ddr pc2100
gainward gf2 ti-500 64 meg
sb live 5.1
enlight case w/ 340 watt PS
Epox 8KHA+
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  1. Your illegal XP CD is probably not bootable. Make a win98 boot floppy (go to Boot from the floppy, go to the cd drive, and install XP. Cakewalk.

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  2. exactly!

    your probaly have a copy that was just copied, you need to make it bootable too!

    you will have to make a win98 boot diskette, or do it manually. start with CD Support, dont let Windows partition the disk, first partition the disk yourself, format it and then go about installing the OS.

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  3. >dont let Windows partition the disk

    Why not ?

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  4. Also try this site, it gives intsruc. on making xp bootable disk. I've tried it and it works great!<A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
  5. All xp copies are bootable, if his wont boot its a bad copy.

    ALSO, you CANT install windows xp from the dos boot disk, it will not let you run the setup in dos mode.

    Turn off plug and play aware os, thats the only way I could get my cd to become bootable.

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  6. Good answer!

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  7. Wow...... thats like deniro telling an actor he played a fine role.

    Thanks crash!

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  8. >All xp copies are bootable, if his wont boot its a bad copy.

    All original copies are.. but warez copies not necessarily.

    >ALSO, you CANT install windows xp from the dos boot disk,
    >it will not let you run the setup in dos mode.

    Are you sure ? Havent tried it really.. just installed from win2K.. and I simply assumed it would run from Dos, just like win2K setup runs from Dos..

    If it doesnt, Im sure he can boot from the "dos" disk, browse the CD and there will be some utility to make XP boot floppies I suppose..

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  9. Yes warez copies, Xp is designed not to use a floppy drive(not to need one rather) because it is being phased out. If you have a copy of xp that is NOT bootable, it is either.
    A: a bad copy, dont use it.
    B: some warez pirate's idea of a hacked copy, which you dont need seeing as 99% of them are bootable iso rips(I have one) so dont use it.

    If the xp cd is not bootable be it by haxor or by bad burn I wouldnt reccomend using it at all.

    AS for searching the cd for the install.exe or setup file, I did this when I couldnt get my cd to boot, it gives you an error which says windows xp setup cannot be run in real dos mode. The only way to setup xp when it is NOT booted from the cd is to run it in an existing windows instilation.
    (which surprisingly enough should not be a problem for the person above and I should have mentioned it)

    If your cd rom cannot be used as a boot drive(some older ones cannot) or if it is a freak non atapi ecclectic POS, you can install win98 and then run the setup from windows, this will install xp over your copy of windows.(may even give you the option to reformat the drive etc). This will correct your problem.

    Thankyou for shopping Matts brain, will that be paper or plastic?

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  10. Here Mat let me help you out......LOL....actually This is directed to the original poster...alright......I just installed XP last take my word for it, i know how to get it going becasue mine was an ISO Rip also and I'm running CrackerBox to disable Activation garbage......

    NOW......what you have to do is have a cd-rom bootable bootdisk, like the Windows 98 start-up disk.....once it boots type the following:

    FDISK (Like that one eh, make it look like I'm gonna type all kinds of stuff?? LoL FDISK you'll see a series of options (4 actually)
    Press option one (1) to CREATE a Primary Dos Partition..
    Let it use the Maximum Space Available......let it do It should already make the Selected Partition bootable.....after its all done and its "Veryfying" it will ask you to reboot the computer.....
    Now keep the floppy in the drive.......Boot it up with CD-ROM Support......

    when it comes to the prompt that says A:\> type:

    Format c: /u
    When is says:
    Proceed With Unconditional Format ?
    Press 'Y' for yes....wait untill it's done......

    Press Enter for No Label..unless fo course you want to name the Hard Drive...

    Now that Your cd-rom is already should be your E drive


    now....make sure the Windows XP CD is in the drive...and this is the absolutley ONLY way you can Install Windows 2000 OR Windows XP from dos.....



    should read:


    Good...Now Type:


    That's it, your done. now you can install Windows from DOS......Have fun and enjoy =)

    -MeTaL RoCkEr

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  11. I have windowx xp installed. If that trick works then cool, but it is just easier to either make your cd drive bootable, or get a good copy of xp which dosent require external cracking(ie. devils own).

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  12. LoL....very true....believe me that not what I did...I didnt feel liek lsoign all my I upgraded from 2000 to beautifully.....
    That however what i said before WILL work if it is ABSOLUTELY 100% necessary to Install from dos.....

    Well.....You tell em how I can get my copy of XP Running without havign to run CrackerBox.....I want no activation etc. becasue well, its not a legal liscensed to me copy.......

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  13. You guys have to deal with activation? lol :)

    I just clicked "No, I don't want to register" and I'm done! Of course, my copy came from Taiwan...

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  14. Well than your lucky so BLAH!


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  15. I have no activation, its the corporate version devils own. I wouldnt run an app if I had to use another app to make it work, dont trust trojanware.

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