Athlon XP - Retail or OEM?

Hi to all,

One doubt that i have is about buying a boxed AMD Athlon XP processor or a OEM...

With OEM i get the cpu, i choose my hsf, one year warranty, and it's bit less money that i spend.

With retail box i get all things, cpu, hsf, and 3 year warranty.

Another question: Is the hsf of retail version any good? and it's silent too?

I never fond out what kind of hsf comes with a boxed amd athlon xp.

Your help will be apreciated.


Red EAgle

Nuno Amaral
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  1. I got a 1800+ XP off of for less then the cost of a retail one at the time. I got mine for 208+14 something for next day delivery. At that time a retail on pricewatch if you could find one was 255+ and OEM was about 230 to 235. As for the Hsf it is quite and keeps the processor running for my at about 38C-40C idle and 48-49C full load. Which isnt bad considering I am just using the stock hsf and the thermal tape that comes on it to bond the chip and hsf. I dont know what brand heatsink or fan it is, but I do know that it spins at 4500 rpms and its pretty big and heavy. It has an AMD sticker and part# on the top of it. Down the road I might pick up a bigger cooler, but thats only if it will make much off a differance in the temp of the chip. I figure its running good and cool enough now, why risk screwing it up by pulling off the current hsf and putting an even bigger cooler on it with the possiblity of crushing the die.
    You also left out the nice AMD case sticker with the retail one aswell.

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  2. Quick update,
    retail 1800XPs are still 219 on pricewatch and going for 161 on ubid as of right now. The link to the auction is
    its closing some time today I believe. You can get some good deals on retail hardware there, as long as idiots dont drive up the prices. Just a thought, why go OEM when you can possibly get retail cheaper.

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  3. Hmmm, cheapest I've seen an OEM 1900+ is like $260 (not on Ubid though).

    I'd recommend this HS/Fan if you get an OEM:

    Plus thermal past, so it'll come out to like $290 something...the same as a boxed, plus it's a better fan.
  4. Um, I said 1800 not 1900. I was going by 1800 because that is what I have and those are the pricing options that I had. I got my chip before the 1900 was even released on paper.

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  5. If you're not overclocking, you don't need to go for an expensive heat sink fan. I like the ThermalTake Volcano 6 Cu (Not the Cu+). It's very quiet, keeps my 1600+ around 45-48 on a full load, depending on the room temp (i haven't had it go over 44 in 2 weeks though, while under full load all that time, so it might be even better). Best of all, it's $10-$15.

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