I3, i5 or i7

I am trying to purchase a computer. I found one i would like to order, but I want the computer to be fast. I am trying to decide between an i3, 6, 500 or an i7, 6, 500? what is the difference?
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  1. It really depends on what you want the laptop to do. If you were running intense CPU software, like transcoding video, photoshop filters, etc. You might want to just look at i7's. Nowdays some of this (previously mentioned) software is also accelerated to use a GPU, so a laptop with a (NVIDIA) gpu would bring additional value to your purchase.

    Additionally, i7's can be quad core, while i5's and i3's can't. If you're at all technical, the table at:
    should give you a good enough idea.

    Just don't go for the previous generation of i7's (look for a four-numbered model).

    Overall, it always depends on how much money you have, and what you actually need it for.
  2. Hello jenncarnine;

    Have you set a budget yet?
    What types of things do you want to do with the laptop?
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