risk of overheating with amd athlons?

Im looking into building own computer and right now just started out deciding on the components. i will probably go with an amd athlon xp 1800. ive heard these processors are alot easier to fry. since im completely new to building computers should i get this processor or get an intel? I don't want to run any risk of overheating and destroying my cpu. if i get the retail version of the 1800 are all the fan components in the box? i don't want to have to go buy a fan and find out its the reason of my fried cpu. thanks for the help.
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  1. A CPU will only burn up if you apply the heatsink/fan wrong or if you don't get a good one. I would say the risk is basically zero unless you don't follow the instructions.

    Buy a good heatsink (doesn't have to be expensive) with a fan that suits your needs. Apply it with Arctic Silver 2.

    If you're getting the retail version it'll come with a decent HSF, but you won't be able to install it with Arctic Silver 2 since it has a thermal pad and using Arctic Silver 2 will void your warranty. Nonetheless if you aren't overclocking the retail route is fine and you'll have a 3 year warranty.

    Personally though I buy an OEM cpu and I buy a better HSF that meets my needs. It's cheaper that way but you don't get the warranty. Makes no difference though since if there is something wrong with the CPU you'll notice within the first 2 weeks and an OEM CPU is covered for at least that long.

    Here's a good site for HSF reviews:
    <A HREF="http://www.dansdata.com/coolercomp.htm" target="_new">http://www.dansdata.com/coolercomp.htm</A>

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  2. Athlons don't just fry!!!!!!!! You'd have to be really stupid to fry it. The only way you could fry it is if you run it without a fan and heatsink. The retail fan and heatsink work perfectly except if you want to overclock so don't worry. By the way, if anything here is posted by AMDMeltdown, Fugger or Intel_inside, ignore them, they love nothing but bash AMD processors.

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  3. Good thing you are building your own PC! Apparently the P3 Tualatins tend to..shall we say..overheat in notebooks running WinXP!


    AMD chips don't overheat in notebooks???

    nope. Only the P3 Tualatin systems have this problem.


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  4. "Good thing you are building your own PC! Apparently the P3 Tualatins tend to..shall we say..overheat in notebooks running WinXP!"

    MS XP does not totally support Intels speedstep technology, there is a fix already from Microsoft and hopefully a service pack soon. apart from that, the Mobile tualatin's thermal protection feature works great!

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  5. LoL, so much for that 100% compatable bs.

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  6. hehe nothing is ever 100% compatible with microshaft winBLOWS.

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  7. The only Athlon's ahich you will take great risk in overhating is the Athlon T-Bird and Duron's Pre-Dating 1000MHz.....
    The New Palomino core has an integrated Thermal Feature which will tell the motherboard to shut off...granted that most motherboards dotn have that feature properly utilized yet...but Software Monitors like Motherbaord Manager 5 will shut down your system immediately on discovery of overheating.....

    One thign you must remember, Athlon MP/XP and AMD Duron Morgan cores (1000MHz and above) you MUCH LESS power than there predecessors.......Stick with an Athlon XP........Best performance......good value....just buy it retail and you'll have no worries =)

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