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I just ordered a new 1.4Athlon XP and new DFI Motherboard. When I install my new components I would like to do a clean install on Win98SE. The reason for this is that I ran XP and W2k before and some software and hardware is not supported therefore I'm stuck with Win98SE. My question is if I run Win98SE will I lose out on the Athlon XP features?. I was told that after I flash the bios on the board it will recognize the processor as an XP processor. The only reason I bought the 1.4XP is because it was $40 cheaper than the original Athlon 1.4 and for future upgradeability. Does the motherboard take advantage of the processor's new features or the XP operating system itself?
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  1. Yes, I'm not completely familiar with the motherboard but it should run the Athlon Xp fine and Windows 98SE can run on the Athlon XP as well.

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  2. Sounds good to me, thanks.
  3. Just because it's called an "Athlon XP", there is no reaon that you should need Windows XP to use it. 98SE will actually work better when it comes to benchmarks/gaming.

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  4. Personally speaking, I have been running XP with my current system(800 slot a T-bird/512 MB pc100 ram) and find that Win 98SE is faster! We'll see what happens after the upgrade. I just may stick with 98SE and be done with it!
  5. Yes, I didn't think too much of my X-Perience either. It's the mutant crossbreed of 3.1 and OSX!

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  6. In all honesty, I find that my PC runs a TAD faster on XP than it did on 2000.....And I love the new features that are incorporated in it.....

    Its not that bad After you disable the HORRID visual effects ti gives.....looks liek a little kid made the thign in Paint....LoL....

    But yes, after you chaneg the Scheme to Windows Classic and Chaneg the Start Menu to Classic looks just like 2000....well almost...but more responsive.....and has lots of kewl things to tinker with....well, thsi is my experience anyways...... =)

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  7. Another thing to do to speed up XP is to get rid of the "fade" effect in the "advanced" tab in display settings. Even the scroll effect speeds things upa tad. i just turn it all off. ;)
  8. Another thing to do to speed up XP is to get rid of the "fade" effect in the "advanced" tab in display settings. Even the scroll effect speeds things up a tad. i just turn it all off. ;)
  9. i heard there is a bug using the search option.
  10. ditto

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  11. Just going by my 3DMark2001 scores, my system is a bit faster with XP than it was with 98SE. And the added stability is definitely worth the upgrade in my opinion. I ran XP for over a week without a reboot, something I never could have managed with 98SE.

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  12. Heres something for the nvidia owners to consider, alot of people who ran 98/me had problems running the new det xp's. For those people, the boost from being able to run the xps in windows xp is more than enough to offset the slight performance loss associated with going to xp(or to 2k for that matter). Nt was not designed for gaming, however since xp is now the os which everyone will support, I think everyone switching to it in time and its getting much faster in time is inevitable.

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  13. Let me guess, another testimonial from a VIA chipset owner?

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  14. Crash, you're just blinded by your love for Via :)

    BTW, in my opinion, simply gaining Compatability Mode (which isn't quite as good as you'd expect, but still worth something), and Driver Rollback (about time!!!) is worth any downsides (which there don't seem to really be any for me).

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  15. So you're blaming Win98SE crashes on VIA chipsets? Right, 98SE is a great OS ... it's all the hardware's fault.

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  16. windows NT was never for games, win2k changed all that.
    windows 2k scored higher then win98SE on my system on most benches, winME was a total sham, XP was reall REALLy crappy, performance wise.
    stick to win2k and pray at microsoft's olter next morning.
    btw any one running win98/95, here's a nice thing our group used to crash systems for a long time(used in a much complaxed form of code and scripts)
    Start>Run>"CON/CON"(w/o the ")

    it has to do with the kernel used in win98/95.wasnt fixed even in SE.
    have fun.

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  17. Now your getting it! I used to spend SO MUCH TIME cussing at MS back in my VIA days....
    OK, so 98SE is not perfect. It's biggest flaw? An utter inability to compensate for garbage hardware, buggy programs, and screwed up configurations. So instead of switching to a new OS (I did try Linsux), I got something with a reliable chipset, got rid of the only buggy card I had, and quit running a bunch of the free crap I used to get off the internet. Now my systems are boring-they never break! How often do I have to reload windows 98SE? Never, unless I screw something up very bady "experimenting".

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  18. Yes, xp has rollback and compatability mode, those are pretty much the only improvements over 2k, now over reason not to go to xp.

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  19. My friend used the rollback feature in XP and it totally trashed his machine. However I still stand by my opinion that XP is the best OS that Microsoft have released so far.

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  20. ahh thats what i love about MS products... they behave so differently for everyone!

    personally i think that if you are using a version of Windows that is working reasonably well, just stick with it. i tried upgrading to Win2k but i had all kinds of problems with it, forcing me to go back to win98se. i know a million others say that win2k is better for this reason or for that, but that sure wasn't the case for me - its as simple as that.

    im not wrong, nor are they... posts regarding performance in XP are similar - some say frame-rates increased, others say they got cut in half... welcome to Windows-World :)

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  21. Compatibility Mode is available in Windows 2000. Run the Windows Update (on your Start Menu) and get the Compatibility Updates. Once installed you can choose to run in Windows 95, Windows 98, or NT 4 Compatibility Mode.


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  22. is it as good as xp xompatability mode. Still xp is now ms's defacto os, hence the most support. If you are upgrading 98 it is best to choose xp over 2k.

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