Is my computer infected?

Dear All,

I had gotten a few programs installed (I forgot the name) on my computer. Soon after, I had to shutdown my computer, and when I started it up again, it did the usual System Check for fixing corrupted files. While it was checking, my houses fuse tripped and the computer shut down. I tried using windows repair, but the computer shut itself down. I booted it in safe mode, and I could log in, so I shut it down once more. When I started windows 7 Home premium normally, it said Winsock2 DLL and WSA Startup failed as uTorrent. Also, I couldn't connect to the router with a Cat 5e ethernet cable. Did a virus infect my computer? If so, what's the best free malware removal tool?

Sorry if I sound confusing.

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  1. Does not sound like a virus..
    Sounds like a defect motherboard or power supply.
  2. soundguruman said:
    Does not sound like a virus..
    Sounds like a defect motherboard or power supply.

    If it helps, I have a Cooler Master GX650 Watt, system specs are: CPU: Core i5-2500k, ASUS P8Z68 V-LX, Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7500 RPM Sata 6GB/s, Kingston 16 GB (4x4) DDR3 1333 MHz RAM. Should I replace the motherboard and/or power supply?
  3. If the house fuse tripped, it's not a virus. You have a short circuit.
    Get rid of the Asus board, use another brand like Intel or Gigabyte. Replace the power supply.
    Don't download "free" stuff from the internet, you don't need it, and it only causes big problems.

    I had the same problem w/ an asus board. I got rid of it and used Gigabyte instead. No more problems, been running now for YEARS.
    I will never buy another asus product again. Live and learn I guess.
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