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I have read countless other posts on various websites about this issue but have not as yet fixed the issue. From a fresh boot into windows I have no problems, I get just after the BIOS screen a warning that a harddrive is not detected, but I think that could just be a SATA cable the isn't used or something, because the 2 HDD's I have are read fine. I have crystaldisk tested them and they are fine. The problem is once into windows, after a few minutes or a few hours I get a freeze. The time on the bottom bar remains the same and for about 30 seconds if I was on say google chrome the circle that indicates loading would still spin but then freeze too, it would not be moved and my G15 keyboard is unresponsive during this time too. Essentially I get a total system freeze bar the little working circle by the mouse for a short period and then require a full reboot.

I have run memtest countless times for half an hour or so each time and have a quad core cpu (I5 2500k) so I have run 4 at a time and no errors. I have swapped the ram around and still have the freezing issue and no ram errors. I have reinstalled the drivers for my MSI 2gb 6950 and removed and replaced my Xonar DG Sound card also reinstalling drivers. I went into the bios and reset settings to the 'optimised' ones (P8Z68-V Pro) and reduced the clock on my ram to 1333mhz just in case for some reason they were at fault regardless of memtest results (Corsair 2x2gb blue vengeance). Prime95 reports no errors either after running for several hours on the off chance I don't get a freeze. All temperatures are under 35 degrees at an absolute high when not under load and no more than 50 when they are. I have a good aftermarket heatsink with 2 fans on it.

I thought it was a driver issue, and when going into control panel and drivers My-PC had the little yellow triangle warning, I updated drivers however there was an 'Unknown device' which couldn't be updated. I booted into safe mode and disabled it but the freezing still continues. I am at my wits end and completely stretched as far as my technical knowledge goes and constant googling for advice. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I should add, I also deleted my entire %temp% folder (have saved it on my desktop in case) but still no difference.
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