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I've used three different AMD CPU (900MHz, 1.2MHz, 1.33MHz) with three different MB (A7V, ECS 7A5SA, Shuttle AK31A) and three different HSF (Original come with AMD Box, Globe WIN FOB38, ThermalRight SK6<--(FAN 5500rpm) for past year. However, i've got more confused after i read any HSF review every time.
My CPU temp is always around 45 degree to 52,53 degree all the time. I never had a chance to see my CPU drop down to 40s or ever lower except the first minute from a cold booting. I believe I did every step right to install a HSF on the CPU, I used the best compound, I never do the overclock, I even used a 120mm Case fan, err, after all, the temp still stays around there.
Anyone knows why? I'm getting really confused

PS my room temp is around 20 degree, the case panel alway is closed.
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  1. Out of curiosity, what's the best compound?

    What are you using to monitor your temps? If you're going by the BIOS, or a Motherboard Monitor, it too goes by the BIOS reading. The only way you can accurately know your temps is to get a thermistor, tape it next to the CPU core, and read the digital reading. Then, use that to figure out your offset, so you can calibrate your software temp monitor accordingly.

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  2. Don't worry about it. I have had about 8 socket a durons and athlons, and they all ran 45-53 celcius.
  3. That's what I get for being out of it...I was meaning to say this as well. :lol:

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  4. Honestly, and thermal grease will result in the same roundabout temps, Artic Silver....Ocz Qucksilver... the overclockers use these. apparently normal thermal grease will harden in about a year under "normal" situations. The silver applications never do this. You may see a lower temp using ASII when you are doing a major overclock.

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