What does need more volume on disc mean

I install Madden 08 successfully (with dvd), but when I go to insert the dvd game disc, say the next day, it won't start with auto-play. I get the message: "Mainapp.exe wrong volume in the drive". I have been playing this game forever and it just now started acting up.
anyone have any suggestions?
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  1. Hi :)

    Game disc scratched or got fingerprints on it ?

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Several things it could be:

    Scratched disc
    Marginal DVD drive
    Filesystem corruption on the volume upon which you installed the game

    The first and third are easy to check.

    Visually inspect the disc for scratches. You can Google methods of dealing with any you find.

    Open a commandline window and type "chkdsk <volumeid>: /f /v /r" (without the quotes, and replace <volumeid> with the drive letter you wish to check). Answer the resulting prompt with a "Y" (again, no quotes) and press <enter>. Reboot and let it run to completion, which will take quite a while.

    To test for a marginal drive you need to swap in another one.
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