Dell XPS 17 vs Dell XPS 15

Hi guys,
there is a deal currently on these two laptops so they are a really similar price.
I have heard there that the xps 17 with no upgraded screen 1600x900 is really bad? in addition how would having a core i5 vs an i7 with a nvidia gt 540m affect graphics performance cos then i will buy the 1080p screen as it is less what do you think is better?
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  1. 1600x900 on a 17" screen is fine but I've read some reviews about XPS 17 and it's screen isn't great(compared to XPS 15'z 1080p RGB LED).
  2. Okay I've decided to go with the standard screen will an i52410 with a nvidia gt555 be okay for some gaming?
  3. Yep,you'll be fine
  4. Cheers
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