Want to run my lenovo T61p on solar while I'm at the lake

Hi Folks,

I want to be able to run my lenovo t61p laptop completely on solar power while I'm out fishing at the lake. is this even possible today?

I've done lots of searching and most of the info on the web is not very good when it comes to solar power for laptops. If you read the info carefully, they talk about "Charging" the laptop battery but never about fully running the laptop. And even the charging part says it takes 4 to 6 hours at best.

Please let me know if there is a solar (or other) product out there that I can plug my laptop into and run it as if I was working at home. (Not looking for an extra portable battery.)

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  1. Hello strum;

    I've seen RV solar power kits that would do what you ask. And I guess you'd need some type of battery pack to allow 'after hours' running of the laptop?
  2. One example, but probably over the top of what you need.
    Go Power Weekender SW 120 Watt Solar Kit
    It's got the Solar panel and an DC/AC inverter in the package.
  3. Thanks folks. I guess there is still nothing out there for the average consumer.

    I did finally track down this http://www.ascscientific.com/solar.html

    The Solaris 62 might do it,at least the description says 12v output for OPERATING laptops.

    But everything else i've seen just trickle-charges the battery.. Sad, it's 2011 and we can't even run a laptop on solar yet.
  4. For night ops and rainy days you could get yourself one of those bicycle generators.
  5. Well no need to go that far yet :) I just wanted to be able to use my laptop wile i'm out fishing. It's either take 5 extra batteries with me every day or find some other form of power.. I was hoping it would be solar but nothing reasonable out there.
  6. There is no option really. With the expanded battery pack and in low power use youll be slow but you might hit a whole day
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