problem with cpu?

hello all, could someone tell me whats wrong, i just installed new case, motherboard, ram, and cpu fan, ok, so i put it all in, run it... all i see is blank screen, and unactive comp, i reinstall cpu and it boots for about 3 seconds, closes down, then the next time i tried, cpu fan ran about 3 seconds, and shutodown, next the cpu fan went 2 seconds, and so on, and now all it does is turn on split second and shutdown in a split second, i suspect problem with cpu or cpu fan, does anyone have an idea what the problem is and how i might fix it, thanks!! ladr
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  1. Is it an AMD CPU? I don't know a whole lot, but I found out the hard way that if you don't put the thermal grease an properly, the thing will heat up toot-sweet.

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  2. well, what mobo, chip, heatsink do you use.

    Do you want us to look into our crystal balls to help you?

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  3. mobo Gigabyte 7VTXH , amd athlon 1.4, and vantec heatsink, thanks, ladr

    OH! and do i really need to put that silicone heatsink paste on? im starting to think that my cpu is fried :( i hope not, anyone else have any ideas?
  4. Oh god - please tell me you didn't try booting your system with no thermal material between the cpu and heatsink... I'll give you a clue, they supplied it for a reason and that reason was not to use as acne cream...

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  5. i guess he didn't..
    it's fried..if u didn't apply the thermal paste/compound/grease
  6. Are you sure you aren't shorting out your motherboard? You did put spacers in didn't you? Did your HSF come with a thermal pad?

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  7. spacers? thermal pad?
  8. When you installed your mother board did you put in the little brass pegs that the screws go into? Some people leave these out and it causes the MB to short out. It sounds like a power problem since your fan comes on shortly then shuts off. Or it could be the MB, if the fan is plugged into the MB. Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't the proc. fan stay on even if the proc. is dead? I'm not sure on this. On the heatsink did it have a little pad on the bottom with some thermal paste already on there, or was it pure metal? If it was pure metal you need to put a dab of paste on there, not much, about the size of a grain of rice. That'll be enough to fill all of the air gaps. I would pull everything out and reseat everything. Make sure all jumpers and cables are on correctly. And make sure nothing is shorting out. Good luck.

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  9. Did you even have to ask what kind of CPU?

    Matisaro, well its an AMD (did you need to ask?? just read the symptoms). help him already! err I mean start guessing at what to swap out next, ram, psu, cpu, left hard drive bracket bolt?

    This is typical AMD, good thing you saved lots of money.
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  12. Day 4 im tired. I did a few hours of roaming this morning.

    Checking email and sites, thanks for your concern.
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  15. i didnt get any brass pegs that my screws go into, im pretty sure its not my motherboard shorted cause i still see a little orange light that stays on. and the bottom of the heatsink is pure metal and came with some paste stuff, and other than that, im pretty sure the wires and connections are right cause i have them coming out of my new case into old and into this motherboard that enables me to be on my comp, so is anyone pretty sure my cpu is fried? thanks, ladr
  16. I'm assuming that the heatsink came with the sticky-goopy (thermal compound) already on it. Did you remove the little bit of plastic film before you stuck it on your CPU?

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  17. it came with a little package that says silicone heatsink paste
  18. if it powers on for a few seconds then goes off, cpu is probly ok. double check for shorts, also what psu do you have? strip out everything except the ram and vid card, see if you then get a post and go from there. regarding the thermal compund, was there also a sticky thing on the heatsink? use one or the other- not both, preferably thermal grease or some kind, but I have to say, the last few systems I've done for peeps I've used the thermal pad (lost my arctic silver- dunno how...)

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