Zen Touch or iPod

Choosing just one of those makes it extremely difficult. iPod seems to be almost excellent. All the space and easy to use folder setup. But what about the zen touch or iriver?

All i want is a easy mp3 player that i can hook up to my computer and transfer songs. I care that it will fit into my pocket and it has good sound quality.

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  1. If you want to be able to simply plug it in and dump songs to it you want an iRiver. I'm pretty damned sure you need to use a software app to put music on both of those other mp3 players. The iPod needs to convert to it's proprietary format to play the songs. Everything apple is just proprietary garbage, you shouldn't even consider it :)

    My little brother has an iRiver iHP-120 and it is absolutely fantastic. The sound quality is good, it has lots of sweet features, and the battery life is crazy.

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  2. But what about this thing i hear that the iPod's internal battery dies after like 18 months? Will this happen with an iriver and if it does would i have to buy a new battery?
  3. My brother's iRiver is still going strong and he got it when those just came out, I can't remember how long it has been exactly. I doubt it will have the same problems that the ipod has.

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  4. which would be the best without the FM Radio? zen touch?
  5. The FM radio is just another feature you don't have to use it but you might as well have it :)
    The Zen Touch also has FM radio capability. Most mp3 players now days do so you arn't likely to escape it :)

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  6. folken ur such a great help, but the zen touch and iRiver, they are abunch the extact same also. So its really a matter of taste right? And right now, i am liking the touch because i have no idea. Anyhow, creative might come out with a new mp3 player before my birthday and i get one.
  7. The creative is going to have very nice sound quality, probably a little better than the iRiver. My only beef with creative players is that they don't play as many formats. I'm into ogg so that would be a prob for me but if you don't care about ogg, asf, etc you should be fine :)
    Creative players have been very big also but the touch and micro seem to have fixed that problem :)

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  8. as long as it does wma and mp3 and can fit into my pocket then im perfectly happy =)
  9. im going with the iRiver.

    i only hope that,

    1) battery is not like iPods and will burn out in 18months and i have to buy a new one.

    2) easy to move songs into it from the computer and easy to make folders for them

    3) good sound quality and good battery life

    4) eaither has a plastic cover over the screen so it wont get scratched OR wont get scratched if i put in my pocket.

    5) isnt going to explode if i (cant put a.c.c.i.d.e.n.t.l.y without it being blocked over here) get dirt or some other small particle material into controls

    6) and i hope i enjoy it
  10. I think it will probably fit your needs just fine. Hopefully you will enjoy it, I'm sure you will :)

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  11. is the iriver h10 better then h320? now im more confused.
  12. The H10 has a much smaller form factor but only has a capacity of 5GB. The H320 is slightly larger but has a capacity of 20GB. If you need it to be very small and dont need more than 5GB go for the H10. If you want/need 20GB go for the H320.

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  13. i guess im going with the iriver. although i dont acually like the looks, tom gives it a better review than the zen touch. who knows, creative or iriver might make a new product with a more sleek appearance in the next 2months.
  14. That is always a possibility. I'm more of a function over fashion sort of person though so I really have no opinion of how sleek or stylish something looks. When I see something I only see the buttons it has, how many, where are they, and what they do. I have no fashion sense at all. You would probably be able to tell that instantly if you met me :) My entire wardrobe consists of solid colored pocket t-shirts and brown slacks, lol. I even have my assortment of pens (no pocket protector though). All I need are a set of thick lensed glasses and I'd fit the exact profile of geek.

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  15. now, with the iRiver... i heard from a friend that the battery, with each recharge, how long it last also goes down.. that true?
  16. I don't know about the newer ones but my little brothers ihp120 hasn't lost any battery life that I know of and he has had it quite a while.

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  17. i have an ipod and they are great yes and i dont know much about the zen but i dont think that it could touch the ipod. the only thing that could beat the ipod is the picture/ video mp3 player.
  18. anything can beat a ipod. first off their battery is stupid, after each recharge the total battery life goes down. then u have to pay extra for a new interior battery.

    think the zen and the river are better
  19. i decided against my better judgment. im getting ipod 4th generation. i just like the looks and i guess ill pay for it if i have to.
  20. Speaking of "paying for it"....Don't! Get your 20 GB IPOD free. Click on the following link and follow the simple directions...It's easy!

    http://ipods.freepay.com/?r=19548851 :)
  21. How much storage do you need? If you don't need much you should consider the Zen Micro if a removable battery is high on your lists of priorites.

    The good thing about all the Creative gear is if it freezes on you then there's always a way to reset them (either a switch or battery removal).

    The electronics chain where I live (Adelaide, Australia) is seling 20Gb Toshia Gigabeats for AU$329 and they want AU$299 fror a 2Gb nano. Yet some people still buy the nano...

    I don't know if the gigabeats are any good but I have been hearing great things about Kenwood and JVC/Victor (Kenwood=expensive though).
  22. ipod for mac
    get creative other wise
    i have one and iv dropped it so many times and its still goin strong
    ipods break easier
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