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The sound driver for the dell Inspiron 6000 using windows 7 I could really use some help at this point. PLEASE... I get an error 39 on sigmaTel C-Major Audio and sigmaTel high definition audio CODEC (after it loads the driver the device status says windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing (code39). when I ran the program drive cure it says every thing is good no driver issues. When I ran the program drive detective it stated an error and wanted me to reinstall drivers for the sound but that did not help with the issue. I have installed win 7 after installing a new hard drive and I cleared every issue but the sound.
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  1. Are the drivers you are installing compatible with Windows 7? OR at least compatible with Windows Vista?

    Also, you said your re-installed the drivers. Did you use the disk provided by Dell or did you download the drivers from Dell's website? I HIGHLY reccomend you use the drivers from Dell's website.
    Also try to find out if anyone else is having issues with an Inspiron 6000 and windows 7 audio drivers. Sometimes you will end up finding a solution when other people have had the same issue.
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