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Ok, here is my predicament: My son was playing his computer game when somehow someone began talking to him, he called me in, and this said person had full control over out computer, could open drives, change wallpaper, spam an error message etc. Further research led me to discover that some sort of R.A.T. must have been installed on our computer unknowingly. I decided to reformat the computer so no further damage could be done. I looked up how to do this and they said you need to boot from your disk, so I place the Windows 7 disk in my computer and am able to get to the point where it says "Press any key to boot from disk" but when I do it either immediately freezes or freezes a step or so later on a blue windows screen (no windows icons or anything just the blue design). Can anyone please help me out? Is there another way I could reformat everything?
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  1. Sometimes when booting off an install disc, it does take a few minutes to advance to the next screen. How long did it seem to be frozen? If it is frozen, then look at the disc, and see if it's scratched or smudged. Try cleaning the disc with a soft cloth, and then retry.

    Another option, is to just try to remove the software that has infected your computer. There is a malware guide in my signature for doing just this.
  2. Going through the steps now (Malwarebytes is still scanning) after I do it all will there be a way of knowing that it is fixed?
  3. When scanning with malwarebytes, it will show a count of infections in red. When it's done, it will give you the option to see the results of what it found. You can then choose to remove all or some.

    Combofix is a little different. If you run that, it will apply any actions it sees as necessary, and then give a report when it's done.
  4. Well I went through the steps, and when I run malwarebytes it has 0 objects detected. Does that mean I'm safe? I don't want them getting any passwords or anything. That's what concerns me.
  5. Malwarebytes is just one scan. It's probably best to run at least 1 more before assuming it's clean. That's why combofix is also in the guide.
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