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I have a laptop that I am working on that is running windows 7 home premium and the language is set to Spanish. How do set the display language to english. Please help if you can. Thanks :D
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  1. Control panel / region&language
  2. I went to region/language, administrative and then change system locale. There is no English selection in the drop down menu. This is strange.
  3. So, english is not installed. There is a help topic on the very same page for it.
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    Win7 Home Premium can't change the UI language. You need Enterprise or Ultimate to do that, or a fresh install of Windows (though I can't remember whether you can just select the language during install; if you can't, you'd need a separate install disc for English)
  5. Oh ok that makes sense. I found a program called Vistalizator that will install language pack I need. Thanks for the reply. :D
  6. I hadn't known about that program, but I'm a little worried about it circumventing the normal requirement of having the Enterpise or Ultimate edition to do that. That might lead to technical or legal problems down the line.

    Edit: Ronnie Vernon's answer on the page that SR-71 Blackbird linked confirms that using that program will invalidate your Windows license and activation.
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