Hi my name is maria ponce im currantly in collage. i decided to take computer tech,in computer assable i was asked to do a powerpoint presentation base on troubleshooting. onestly i have no clue on troubleshooting is there any one that can help me understand what to do or where do i begin
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  1. Troubleshooting: Laptop won't power up with AC adapter
  2. Or maybe something a bit more general to get started?
    Basic Laptop Troubleshooting
  3. These are very good posts above. The point of troubleshooting is to spend as little time/energy/money as possible to isolate and fix a problem. Sometimes this takes years of practical experience, but all of us at one time have taken classes to learn what does what and when.

    Troubleshooting involves looking at a problem and narrowing down the possibilities of a source. In computers, you have several systems making up the overall system, much like the body has several systems (Pulmonary, CNS, reproductive, etc.) that contribute to the whole. So it is like a physical exam, where symptoms are analyzed to determine the easiest and most cost effective treatment.

    Troubleshooting involves logic, certain things will cause certain symptoms and can be ruled out for others. For instance if you had an issue that involved your computer crashing while surfing the web, we can reasonably rule out a problem with your DVD drive. (unless you were listening to a cd at the time.) :)

    You start by analyzing the problem. Then list the things that could possibly contribute to the problem. Its a good idea to see if it can be isolated to a hardware issue or software. Then, as suggested above its a process of elimination. What sort of things can NOT cause the problem? Sometimes it comes down to what is likely to be a culprit, which is a lot of what we do here on Tom's. A likely source can be checked and eliminated fairly quickly, then one can move on to another likely candidate.

    There are lots of good sources for troubleshooting advice and knowledge, but if interested in how this applies to computers I would do some searches online for "basic PC troubleshooting" and see what you come up with.
    Good Luck
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