Computer crashed have windows 7 OEM disk and half the product key . How can i ge

computer crashed have windows 7 OEM disk and half the product key . How can i get the product key
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  1. I can not get the full key because my laptop was stolen and I wrote it down wrong. the disk and key have never been used so can i use it to install on my desktop. Dell messed up when sent me my laptop and installed vista instead so its never been installed before
  2. If the OEM is for a brand-name computer (HP, Dell), you won't need product key. You can bring it to a service shop where they should be able to extract the key from the hard drive (as long as it is alive)
  3. wait, the laptop was stolen, and you didn't have the full key, then you somehow use it on a desktop, and dell send you a laptop with vista???
    Can you get your story straight?
  4. Senaida said:
    Contact ms, but they may not provide the support for this situation immediately.
    They may ask you to purchase a new one, but the price is very high, isn't it?
    I met the problem before. considering their service, i gave up.
    I just bought a new one from REDACTED after comparing several sites on yahoo, as their price attracted me.
    Guess what happens, it worked successfully. hope my experience is helpful to you.

    This post is Spam advertising a web site that is almost certainly a scam. Ignore it unless you can afford to throw money away.

    As to the OP, no point worrying about your product key - your OEM software will not activate on new hardware. It is tied to the original computer (which you say was stolen).
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