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Under $600 Laptop?

Hello, I'm building a computer and to go along with it, I'm looking to buy a (hopefully) small, lightweight laptop to go along with it to bring with me to classes and other places when I cant bring my desktop computer. I dont want to spend too much money on it, but I would like to at least play SC2 on it, graphics settings dont really matter, it could be lowest, and at the price I'm looking to pay, thats all it will really be able to play at, but that's fine, I just want decent framerates (30-40ish). The price I'm looking to pay is under $600. I'm hoping that the laptop is on the smaller, more portable side, but at my budget, I cant be too picky.

If my budget constraints make what I'm looking for impossible to fulfil, then then next thing I would look for is just a cheap lightweight laoptop/netbook that can play hd (720) video.
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  1. Hello vuga419;

    When do you need your new laptop?
  2. I'm not in a rush to get it, but since I am going on a trip at the beginning of september, I'd like to get it by then
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    Then you're going to want to be watching the front page of the THG website for news on Tuesday about the Llano mobile launch by AMD.

    There's a very good chance you'll see something that will make your under $600 and SC2 on medium settings goal achievable.
  4. alright, sounds good, I guess I should wait a bit and see what comes out with this new hardware
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