The article on the XP 1900+ at 2000+

In the article called "Plastic Surgery: Releasing The Athlon XP To Hit 2000+", Frank, Uwe and Bert talked about unleashing the multiplier on the XP chip, allowing it to run at 2000+.

In the article they use an XP 1900+ and overclocked it to 2000mhz. Big deal! That's a lot of work for a 5% mhz increase.

What would happen if i did this to my XP 1600+? Should the artical have been called. "Releasing The Athlon XP 1900+ To Hit 2000+" or can any XP reach 2000+? Could I get my 1600+ do run that fast? Now that would be good.

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  1. They never hit 2000MHz, they were at 1600MHz.

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  2. I've been wondering about OCing an AXP upto an AXP2000+ myself.

    However, I am unsure if AXP processors with different ratings have the same max OC rating or if you can expect only 1 or 2 jumps in PR rating.
    (ie 1600+ poops out at 17 or 1800+)

    Any knowledge on this subject out there?
  3. Quote:
    In the article they use an XP 1900+ and overclocked it to 2000mhz.

    Wow, and I thought they only OCed it to 1666Mhz.

    Anyway, all you can do is try it out. You'll probably need to be able to adjust your voltage a bit if you go farther than a .5x step. You'll probably get a bit more speed by overclocking the FSB though, and that won't change the multiplier. That's a bit more dangerous because it can stress the AGP Port and the PCI bus.

    BTW, does anyone have a list of the required voltages of the XPs (Not overclocked)?

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  4. This has been discussed before here.. we all agree going through this sort of trouble for a measy 66 Mhz speed increase is ridiculous. Especially if you take into account the price of the silver lacker.

    The article may have some merits, but indeed it would be much more interesting to see how well lower clocked AXP's overclock..

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  5. Yeah but the problem was whoever wrote the article was a dumbass.

    They couldnt get more than 66mhz not because the chip couldnt go that high, but they didnt have a bios with more than 12.5 multi and they refused to oc the fsb. The article was more geared as a how to unlock an axp, more than a how to oc a pr 1900+axp.

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  6. Mat just hold on for a little more, we will get Tom back to write from those insane writers!
    His P4 vs Athlon reviews showed much more light than those now.
  7. How could tom let those morons take over? Where is he at?

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  8. Plus that silver goo is expensive shiznit. But It's all about having fun, which is the whole point of OC'ing.

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  9. that silver stuff is a waste of money, lol, I can think of much cheaper ways to connect the bridges than those guys found, for much less and much easier.

    I suppose as an information tool the article has worth, but as a unlocking guide it is way expensive and troublesome.

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