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i was wondering if there is a doc out there which is composed of winxp if not maybe we can make a faq?
things like turn off indexing, disable system restore, fixing windows paging, sync gaming refresh rates, and others people people can follow along to after reformatting.
this would be most helpful i think.
- nausicaa

"to start press any key..."
where's the ANY key?
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  2. Be careful with some of the tweaks from Tweakxp. I did the memory tweak from there involving adding an IOPageLockLimit and after reboot it totally corrupted my system and the only way I could fix it was reinstall xp.

    What made it worse for me was I didn't reboot for a day or so after I had made the change and when I came up, I had a new graphics card (brand new 9700 pro)installed and I thought this was the problem. After finally reinstalling and getting back up and stable again (with the card in)I edited the registry again, so I had to do it all over. While I was reinstalling I started looking through tweakxp again and found out that they had round that the tweak was incorrect and they put it in their 'incorrect tweaks listing'. Bad thing is if you didn't check this and went straight for the system performance tweaks, the memory adjustment is still there and nothing notifies you there is a problem.

    At some point I had seen a doc that showed you all the services you could turn to manual or off in winxp and they gave you a reason for what each one does. I thought it was on this site. Anyone know for sure?
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