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If i were to get a dual XP MP system, should i have any problems running games or any programs?
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  1. No problems are created for single processor programs simply by running dual processors.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  2. Probably a dual athlon xp mp 1800+ and maybe overclocked
  3. XP is a single processor that ocassionally is able to run in a dual configuration. MP is tested to make sure it can. They are two different processors. You will need to run some version of NT (2k, XP) to make both work. Most games are not able to access both processors, but some can, and many other programs can. The games that can't use the second processor won't even know it's there. Any problems you may have with the system will probably be unrelated to the number of processors it has.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  4. question-
    what games and what apps would be running on this? just curious because by the question you seem unsure as to why dual cpu would be necessary. most i know that run dual cpus know why they are, just maybe save you some money. i talked to a kid a few weeks ago and thought he was really something because he had dual xp1800's (supposedly), but the kicker was that he actually thought he was running at 3.06ghz (2x 1.53ghz for the slow people :tongue: ) because some duffus at circuit city told him this.

    well if luck is a lady, it explains why i have no luck :frown:
  5. I think his concern was more like "Will any of my programs have problems running on a Dual processor machine that they would not have on a similar single processor machine", to which I answer "no".

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  6. In the perfect world, a dual XP1800+ would perform equivalently to 3.06GHz Athlon XP but in the real world, that's impossible. First of all, apps have to be optimzied for SMP. Secondly, it's impossible to have a dual processor system run 100% faster than a single processor system because it's impossible to program two threads that would both equally tax each CPU at the same time. The motherboard is also a limiting factor because the CPUs have to share the bandwidth of the RAM. A highly optimized SMP app should perform about 60% faster than on a single-processor system.

    AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
  7. ya i know this, wish people that get suckered into "dual cpu's are a must" would see that.

    well if luck is a lady, it explains why i have no luck :frown:
  8. 60%? Nah, it really depends on the task at hand. 3DS Max scales nicely for rendering (more like 95%), same goes for encoding with M$ MPEG4 stuff.

    OTOH it's just plain stupid to buy an SMP system for gaming and web surfing. A part from the cost there's also the problem of getting 140W of heat out of the case without waking the neigbours.
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