P4 slower than my P3?

Hi! I recently upgraded from my 1.0 GHz P3 system to a 1.7 GHz P4 system. I expected a really huge jump in performance seeing as how the P4 is THE new processor and how much higher it's clocked at. That's however not the case! :(
Most benchmarks show that it is at the most 15% faster (not noticeable) and sometimes slower?! What gives?

My system:
P4 1.7 GHz
MSI 845 Pro 2
256 MB Crucial PC133
Asus V7100 Pro MX400 32 MB
Onboard audio
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  1. >What gives?

    Are you for real, or just trolling ? Cause anyone here would know a P4 on an 845 is a terrible deal. If you insist on going the P4 route, at least go for RDRAM or DDR333. With SDRAM you have an overpriced Celeron. Congratulations on your purchase. Next time read some reviews before you buy anything.

    And whats with the MX video ? I sincerely hope you're not a gamer, cause your "old" P3 with a geforce2/3 would smoke your "new" P4 in every possible gaming benchmark for a fracion of the price.

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  2. Well, the 845 chipset isn't helping. A P4 running on the 845 needs like 512MB of RAM to equal an equivilent P4 running on an 850 board with half the amount of RDRAM. Your PC133 RAM is only running at 100MHz, quad-pumped.
    And what video card were you using in your P3 system? The GeForce2 MX-400 is an entry-level card, and isn't going to net you the high scores in benchmarks like 3DMark. I had a Prophet II MX, one of the first generation of MX'es with 32MB, and it tended to do as good or better in some benchmarks and games than the MX-400 with 64MB.
  3. >A P4 running on the 845 needs like 512MB of RAM to equal
    >an equivilent P4 running on an 850 board with half the
    >amount of RDRAM

    SDRAM is inherently much slower than RDRAM.. no matter how much RAM you add. Even if he'd plug 1 Gb of RAM in there, it wouldnt help his benchmarks. I might marginally improve his Windows experience though, depending on the apps he runs.

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  4. Yup, basically I think you found out that P4 sucks. Check the stats on gamershq and you'll see that P3 beats it many times. Actually in the MX400 class the top score is from a Celeron 1.2GHz!
  5. In summary, and without the venom,

    The issue with your system is both the 845 chipset with SD-RAM and the Video Card.

    The MX400 is an 'economy' nVidia card - still okay, but way outclassed by things out there now. This will greatly impact any 3D benchmarks you do.

    The chipset/memory combo in your system is very 'sub-optimal'. I'm sorry to say you have a bridging technology motherboard based on a chipset that Intel released for marketing.

    At the time, everyone complained about RD-RAM prices, and so Intel built a board to utilise the other memory technologies as a 'budget' solution. Initially running with PC133 SDRAM the P4 becomes 'starved' for memory bandwidth and runs like a dog. Later revisions of the chipset will support DDR and even PC2700 DDR333. Unfortunately not yours though....

    Did you buy your system as a built system from a vendor? You might try returning it for an upgrade to a real machine - otherwise you'll be with that guy for a while. Sorry it is not better news.

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  6. At first when I read the subject I had thought he didn't know P4s are cheap, then I find out he got an i845!!! I mean I asked myself a while ago, in this forum which poor sap would go for the i845, now I didn't think it'd be this low....
    Your P4 is not more than a P3 Tualatin 1.2ghz now or so. And I say it is normal, because the P4's flawed architecture can sometimes be worse than my P2 350mmx performance. It's all normal, plus the video card.
    Sorry dude, but you shoulda read some THG reviews before you buy.

    I always wondered how can people come here and not read articles, rather go for the forums...
  7. You have a very very high priced low low end system, that's why! That motherboard and RAM is slowing you down!

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  8. Your system is fighting itself!!! Take it back if you can. Otherwise it looks like your SOL!

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