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Hi all, just built a PC, new HDD etc. All parts recognized in the BIOS, however when I boot from the OEM retail disc, after CD/DVD BOOT it goes to Bootmgr missing. Is this disc defective? I just opened it so I'm not sure to RMA it or not
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  1. it isnt finding your boot manager when booting off your primary disk. this happens when you have more than one hard drive installed

    unplug all your hard drive except the one you are installing to. install windows and when it is done, plug back in all your hard drives and make sure your first boot device is the hard drive you installed windows to.
  2. I only have on HDD installed (WD Cavier Black) and plugged in though
  3. that is weird. no flash drives or anything?
  4. nothing at all, just the cd/dvd drive and the HDD
    defective disk/drive possibly?
  5. im stumped. its never happened to me
  6. yeah I don't get it, I don't have an extra driver laying around to test it so i'm sol there, however i put the disk in my other laptop and it reads everything fine (all files including the bootmgr are there)
  7. maybe try a different sata port, does your motherboard have 2 different sata controllers?
  8. it's an older drive with IDE cables, I have however switched from SATA to IDE in the BIOS so. Since it is older I'm thinking that it might be a defective drive
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