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Say i got a dual athlon xp mp 1800+ w a tyan mobo and a geforce 3. I know that my gaming performance will be better with only one processor. This is due to the fact that games weren't compiled for dual processors. My question is, say i run programs like musicmatch (mp3 player), internet explorer, and similar things, would i have a performance difference between one processor and two processors? I'm not exactly sure if i would, but i think there wouldn't be much of a difference since it was probably compiled for single processor systems. Could someone clarify if i would have a difference in speed running the programs i usually run (direct connect, musicmatch, internet explorer, aim, and etc.) The cost difference is pretty high. I just want to know for my uses, would it be better to go with one or two processors. Hope ya understand.
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  1. Your gaming performance should be IDENTICLE between one and two processor systems using the same parts. High-end programs, such as CAD, probably Photoshop, server apps, and so forth will benefit from dual processors. Standard PC apps will not see any improvement or deficit from the use of dual processors.

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  2. True... but SMP helps a lot when your ripping a DVD and playing a game at the same time.. not something you want to try on a single cpu machine... Running one app at that time, most apps/games wont benefit much from a dual setup, but being able to burn a CD and/or scan your harddisks for viruses and playing Quake at the same time is a nice thing.

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  3. Only if you know how to set it up so that the two programs are handled by separate proccesors.

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  4. Quote:
    but being able to burn a CD and/or scan your harddisks for viruses and playing Quake at the same time is a nice thing

    why would you do that? for one, scanning your hdd while playing a game is going to hinder performance whether you have 2 cpu's or one. second, i know of at least nero locks you out of the hdd while burning. if he's worried about using an mp3 player, ie, outlook express, etc, etc. i'd suggest a good amount of ram (512mb) before i would a dual cpu setup.

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