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I just put a tbird 1gig into an ECS K7S5A Board w/256 DDR and it will only show 750mhz, no matter the setting (100/100;100/133) (133/133 won't boot).
I only bought the cheap board for a giveaway but before I throw it away, can anybody offer help.
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  1. You have to run it at 133/133 to run at 1GHz! It sounds to me like the RAM is bad. Return the RAM!

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  2. Good to know about the 133/133 but the 256 ddr chip just came out of my main machine which runs 1.4 gig in asus a7 board... Good quality ram as I remember and never any trouble, I just upgraded it to 2 512 chips.
  3. How hot does it run ? If its not a heat problem, return you ECS board and get another one.. and again.. and again until you have one that works. When it does, you'll never want another board again..

    Just to say ECS K7S5A boards tend to arive DOA. Just rma it, and get another one. I've been lucky, and I just LOVE this board. But I read so many posts of people being less lucky, and having to swap theirs... It sounds like the DOA rate is >30%

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  4. Or in my case 100%, then I got a kg7 and said F*** ecs.

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