Swftech MCX462 temperatures

after reading some reviews which showed CPU temps with the swiftech mcx462 around 30 degrees C i decided to purchase one myself. The only thing is, i have a 1.4 ghz athlon stock and when i open up asus probe it reads an average of 38 degrees C on average. Is this normal, or did i do something wrong in the installation ie. not enough thermal paste. This seems rather high compared to the reviews out there, what do you think?
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  1. nope
    that sounds about right.
    and since u got 38C on an asusboard, thats friggin amazing.

    two points you should bear in mind...

    1. asus boards traditionally register temps +5C higher than many other brands (when i went from asus to iwill it dropped 8C, with same chip & HSF)

    2. asus probe (analprobe as i call it) is notoriously stupid at monitoring temps, on my system it was +9C, ontop of the mobo allready overreading temps. i strongly suggest you download Motherboard monitor 5.1
    go here: <A HREF="http://mbm.livewiredev.com/download5.htm" target="_new">http://mbm.livewiredev.com/download5.htm</A> install it and tell me what u get.

    oh yeah. P.S.: on my old asus a7v133, the best i could do with my fop32-1 was around 45C idle...usually running at 52-55C full load, with a room temp of 18-20C

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  2. ok, so i just did two things, one of which was probably really stupid.

    I have no idea how to overclock safely, but just for shits i increased the frequency of my proc from 133 to 150 giving me a clock speed of 1575 mhz from 1400. Now instead of 38 C asus probe says 40 C which i'm guessing means that the heatsink i have is working some magical [-peep-].

    Secondly, i installed MBM5, but i'm confused on how to use it. Under the settings for temperature senser there are 4 things: asus 1, asus 2, asus 2(CUSL2), and Asus 3. Now when i put it to Asus 1 i get a reading of 32 C Asus 2 32 C Asus 2 (CUSL2) 40 C and Asus 3 52 C So which ones is my actual temperature, i'm not too sure. One more thing, every 5 minutes or so one of the voltage readings in asus probe drops, this only happens when i have MBM5 open, why is that?

    So there you have it, i'm not sure what my actual temperature is, but i hope it's good. And i would also like to know how far i can push the frequency of this thing before it blows up, and should i even be doing it this way, or is there a different way to overclock?

  3. It is probably 32*C. Do you have your multiplier unlocked?? If you do you may want to raise the multiplier. If you don't then you could try to increase the FSB some more. I doubt you'll get higher than 155 but it's worth a shot. If you don't have the multiplier unlocked you'll want to unlock it. On the CPU itself there are some lines that are called the "L1" bridges. If you close the bridges it is unlocked. To unlock they go from : : : : to 1 1 1 1. Then leave the FSB at 150 and increase the multiplier.

    My system: <A HREF="http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?rigid=8946" target="_new">http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?rigid=8946</A>
  4. i think that the 32 might be the MB temp and the 40 might be the CPU temp because in asus probe these temperatures are identical. In other words, when the MB temp changes from 32 to 33, the sensor in MBM does the same thing. And when the cpu temp changes from 40 to 41 so does the sensor in MBM.

    I'm not sure what you mean by the multiplyer. If you're talking about closing the lines with a led pencil to unlock it then, no, i haven't done that, and the multiplyer setting in my bios is also grayed out. And to close those bridges i have to remove my motherboard since the heatsink is a bitch to take out and i don't really want to do that. What's the difference between the frequency setting and the multiplyer ayway, can i achieve the same results with just the frequency or no?
  5. wow
    impressive that 150mhz worked right off the bat...no PCI or AGP problems.
    also i would use some burn in program to make sure your system is completely stable at that speed before u do anything.

    but as u said the temp barely changed. and i know how good that monster of a heat sink is. congrats... im getting on within a week (with luck)

    next... dont run asus probe and mbm at the same time. asus probe gets really upset and drops out all the time.

    judging by your temps... hmm
    asus 1 or 2 should be your motherboard temp. a bit warm, but ok.
    what u do is put all the temps up in the dashboard screen and run MBM while doing stuff.
    some of the probes report wierd stuff that doesnt relate to anything.
    for example,
    on my iwill board it reports 3 temps, the first is my mobo, second is the cpu, and the third i thought was another mobo temp.
    thing is, as the ambient room temps change, so too do the mobo & cpu temps... but the third temp always stays at either 21 or 22. even when ambient is above 22... so it doesnt mean anything.
    i figure the 40C probe is the cpu temp... but just watch them all, then apply a heavy cpu load. one of them should change a bit. the one that changes the most is the cpu.

    good luck... and enjoy that mcx462!

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  6. i still don't understand why the temps are staying at a steady 40 degrees, do you think i didn't put enough thermal paste down?
  7. wow!
    complaining about the mcx462!!!

    basically you have THE BEST air cooler around.
    the reason why its staying down is that its huge mass and vast surface area is doing an excellent job of removing the heat.

    something often overlooked in heatsink reviews is mass. the more mass you have, the more heat energy it can contain, so if you have 2 heatsinks wich have the same idle temp, the one with more copper in it will have a much lower full load temp.

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  8. i know it's a great heatsink and everything, but i'm just wondering if i installed it wrong since reviewers are getting around 30 C as an average and i'm getting around 38 to 40 C with asus probe and MBM 5. And it looks to me that MBM5 simply takes the readings that asus probe gets and displays it in it's own format.
  9. Your results may vary, asus mobos are notorious for having artifically high temp readings, plus the ambient temp plays a large role. If it isnt locking up(and 40 is damn fine btw) then be happy, dont worry about your temps, I guarentee you will hit the electrical limit of your cpu(if overclocking) before you hit the temp limit with that hsf.

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  10. Case temperature !

    Make sure that your case has proper ventilation, that means taking in cold air and expelling hot air.

    If your case isn't properly vented, then try removing the case door.
  11. I think i already have hit the electrical limit of the cpu. I overclocked the frequency to 150, but it crashes in games and the temp is still around 40 C. What i wanna know, is what the hell are people doing with this vapochill crap if the electrical limit is hit before the temp lmit? And i definitely want to overclock this thing more, but i'm not sure why it's not stable over 148 mhz. Any suggestions. Oh and my case is pretty well ventilated. I have a lian Li pc-68 with two front fans a rear fan and two PSU fans. Here's something funny though, when i open my window the temp goes down by 2 degrees(it's cold outside).
  12. Then leave the window open. :-)

    I would move one of the two intaking fans and use it as an extra exhaust fan. (one in - two out).
  13. If you activly cool the cpu the electrical resistance is dropped, thereby increasing the electrical limit. A cpu that runs at 0 degrees will be able to run faster than one that runs at 40c, even though the operational threshold of the chip is by no means reached at 40c.

    Follow me?

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  14. What kind of power supply are you using ?

    Maybe it can't deliver the juice.
  15. yep, i follow, so what do i do now to overclock this son of a bitch.
  16. www.athlonoc.com

    plenty of info there, overclocking is a tricky mofo, but athlons make it relativly easy.

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  17. Unlock it.. 150 fsb is very likely to give you all sort of trouble, not related the CPU. When you unlock your L1 brigdes, you can test how far your cpu can go, without overclocking your memory, PCI, AGP etc..

    Too bad Xps arent that easy to unlock. I saw an add of a platic strip that you glue over the bridges somewhere, but I forget where.

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  18. before i do that, would playing around with the voltages do anything, i don't know exactly what to change or how to change it, so i could use any help you can give
  19. Have any of you guys ever noticed that most of the reviews on the Swifttech series are on 1GHz Athlons or so? I was worried about my Swifttech MC-462-A giving Idle temps around 40oC, then I noticed that all the reviews were on one GHz chips as compared to my 1.4GHz. Then I looked some more, found some reviews based on 1.4GHz chips and noticed that they were around 40oC, and I haven't worried since.

    :tongue: Have you ever tried cooking an egg on your HSF? Tasty. :tongue:
  20. Yes that is what i mean by the multiplier. You can achieve the same results only you won't be able overclock the processor as far. Here's how the multiplier works

    Multiplier x FSB = MHZ
    10 x 133 = 1330mhz

    Your cpu would origionally be...
    10.5 x 133 = 1400
    When overclocked it's...
    150 x 10.5 = 1575
    If you had the multiplier unlocked you could leave the FSB at 150 and increase the multiplier in bios to 11 to 11.5 and so on till your temps get high or you get lockups.
    Doesn't that HS/F attach to those 4 holes around the socket?? I can see how that could be a pain.

    My system: <A HREF="http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?rigid=8946" target="_new">http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?rigid=8946</A>
  21. as a matter of fact, it does attatch to those 4 holes, and i would hope so considering it ways 1.75 lbs. Even worse, is that to remove it, i have to remove my motherboard. I can't just unscrew the heatsink because, as you'll read in reviews, the nuts will just turn and turn, and you won't actually be unscrewing it, a minior problem that can be fixed with crazy glue, but i chose not to so that i could use the heatsink in another computer without buying more mountings. So to get the sucker off you have to unscrew it from the underside of the motherboard, scary, i know.
  22. Couldn't you maybe put a rubber washer in where you would put the krazi glue??

    My system: <A HREF="http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?rigid=8946" target="_new">http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?rigid=8946</A>
  23. upping the core voltage increases chip stability when overclocking. it also possibly reduces the life of the chip a little, but that should be a problem with the excellent cooling solution you have.
    it also increases the heatoutput significantly.. but again, that shouldnt be much of a problem whith your monster cooler.
    runing at an elevated voltage is fine. apparently the athlon is good for up to 2.05v.

    so yes. i wouldnt hesitate to increase the voltage.

    and as i said before, asus boards are known to overread the CPU temp. by +8C when comparing my iwill kk266 to my old asus a7v133.

    one more thing... stop complaining!
    if you dont like the heatsink, mail it to me and ill use it!!! :)

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