How much can a 1.4 ghz overclock to?

i have a 1.4 ghz athlon "AYHJA" and i just bought a swiftech mcx462 and i want to overclock this [-peep-] until if fries, but i don't know how to overlock other than increasing the frequency and that becomes unstable fast. So what should i do next? The multiplyer section in my a7m266 bios is grayed out.
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  1. i think i replied to u before... but no matter.
    as the multiplier section is greyed out, that means your CPU is locked (the L1 bridges are cut)

    u can overclock by upping the easily, but that brings problems.
    as u increase the FSB you also increase the RAM speed, PCI & AGP speeds. go too far and your computer wont be stable.

    sould u wish to unlock your multipliers, the mcx462 has to come off, and you have to join up the rather small L1 bridges
    from :::::
    to IIIII
    using a very fine pencil does the trick, just make sure u dont cross the bridges.
    then u can have both multiplier and fsb... the best way to go.

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  2. oh yes... another thing.
    if you have trouble reaching a certain Mhz, remember that increasing the voltage can help.

    for instance, on my 1200C i need 1.86v to run at 1350, and anything higher needs 1.90 or 1.94v.

    increasing the voltage increases the heat output significantly, which is why mine usually crashes with a average fop32-1, but with the mcx462 it really shouldnt be a problem :) :) :)

    Why do i feel like the lone sane voice in the mental assylum?
  3. The average aircooled overclock of a ayjha tbird(1.4ghz 99% of the time are ayjha) is 1.65ghz. has a table which shows the steppings and average overclocks. Rather informative.

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  4. You should be able to get 1.6GHz out of it easily with relatively small voltage changes.

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  5. which voltages do i change and how do i change them. And is by changing the voltage to i risk damage to any other components of the system?
  6. Question: By simply connecting the bridges what exactly does this allow you to do? Use the bios to change the multiplier? What if the bios does not have the multiplier setting?

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  7. yes, it allows you to change the multiplier. If you don't have the option in your BIOS, then the jumpers on the motherboard usually do the trick. If not, you're screwed

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  8. You change the vcore aka core voltage. Most Asus and Abit motherboard allow this, otherwise search Tom's or another hardware site for the way to do it on the chip. It doesn't affect other devices and won't harm the chip as long as it's properly cooled.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  9. alright so do i change the VI01 voltage of the VI0 voltage. The VI0 changes the voltage to the clcok generator and the VI01 changes the voltage to the chipset and DDR DIMM modules. When i overclock is there any risk of doing anything to my ram? Which voltages should i use?

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    VI01: 2.5 (actual default), 2.7 (factory set default), 2.9, 2.8
  10. I wouldn't bother with the VIO voltage if your not significantly changing the bus speed. If your changing the multiplier, you'll only need to change the processor's core voltage (vcore).

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  11. If you dont have the settings in the motherboard is it posstble to change the multiplier to something specific instead of just unlocking it?

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  12. so you're saying the next step after increasing the frequency is to unlock the cpu by connectint the L1 bridges, and i should do this before i change the voltage. I have an asus a7m266 and i remember reading somewhere that the bios option to change the multiplyer stays grayed out even after you unlock the chip. Can anyone confirm this?
  13. Yes, in fact the websites that caryy the vcore bridge setings also show the multiplier bridges.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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