How do i changed back all of my files to default programs I messed it up and now

hi i tried to open real downloader, i tried to open with real player. After this all my files and programme opened on real player pls help me change all my files to default programme.
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  1. Well that`s what you get for messing around with things, and not having a clue on what you are doing. The saying curiosity killed the cat.
    Look up file association, you can set them back to windows default.
    Or you could of gone to Google and typed as a search re setting windows file associations.
    The mind boggles. After all what was Google made for and what does it do, come to think of it how do you think we get all the answers? Makes you think eh, Obviously you don`t.
  2. hey i messed up too...all the files appear as blank can i change back with their own programs...
  3. If they are saying that the curiosity killed the cat. I have killed like one every time a problem is coming up, then I let my brother fix them XD

    But yeah... I have done the same thing as u guys, and my brother don’t know what to do…

    My story goes like this -

    I have a PC with Windows 7 on it. And today I tried to play some BF Bad Company 2, and it didn't work, all I could see in game was just black. So I thought that it didn’t work because it maybe ran with Origin likely BF3. So I decided to try to fix the problem whit open Bad Company 2 with Origin, and then I didn’t saw that I have checked in so all my programs changed to some Origin file... now I can’t access any of my program, except for those games I had running meanwhile I did this change.

    I am thinking of uninstalling Origin, but I’m afraid off messing it up more...
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