I have router tl-wr940n ver 1.5
and i try open its page but i cant
i do every thing change ip and try open from lan port or from wireless but no
plz help me.
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  1. Here is a good point for you, you know that router.
    Well if you use your eyes, and your brain.
    And look on the back of it, or the underside of the router Guess what.
    There is a label there that tells you how to get into it.

    Feel stupid now ?

    Even has the Ip address to enter the router menu, the default user name and password to log in, On a sticker ! Placed on the router. Amazing if you look or what, sarcasm a side.

    Or reading the manual it came with comes in handy does it not, other than throwing it out, or one side of a room, in a corner.

    Why do they bother to put manuals in boxes with things? to explain how they work so you understand how they do? I mean if you did all that would you be here right now asking such a question? Because you never read it did you?

    Interesting, but very logical.

    Shame some people lost it along the way, how I will never know, maybe it escaped them. A bit of though and logic that is, or common sense. Day after day question like this are fried through this forum, and for life of me it`s a simple case of don`t care did not bother.To read a Manual.

    Don`t have a clue what Google is used for. ect ect.

    Here the online manual, explaining how to use the device. That you should of read.
    Make no mistake about that error, on your own behalf. Btw this took all of two seconds through Google search.

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