Anyone know about Word?

i dont know where to post this, but here at work people will be working on a word doc and they claim "suddenly" they are prompted to save, they cancel and all their work is suddenly changed to a bunch of little squares. i couldnt revert them no matter what i tried. reopening it, renaming it, opening in notepad.... nuthin. one user had a weeks worth of work convert itself into these squares. we're running office 97 on these machines. is there a way to fix this?

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  1. Ahhh. Good old word and Microsoft enabled "productivity".
    Check for backup files *.bak
    also check for temp files that have been deleted but not erased.
    You could also try an unerase to fild older copies, or go through the corrupted file with some sort of hex editor and try to extract any useful info.

    Or try star office instead!

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