Will admin only accessibl folders be accessible after computer format?

Okay please read carefully. I have a laptop with 2 partitions in hdd (C: & D:). Now my windows is installed at C. I have admin only accessible folders and files in D. Now, I have 2 questions.

1. if ever someone formatted my C drive and installed a new OS, will my admin only accessible files (locked files) in D be accessible? and;

2. after C: format (and fresh windows install) will my hidden files in D remain hidden?
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  1. Can you take ownership of the folders?

    The attributes of folders on D won't change by formatting the C drive.
  2. so no matter what they do as long as they don't know the password of my admin account, they won't be able to open my locked files?
  3. Please somebody i really need to know
  4. 1)Any new admin account should be able to take ownership of the folder. password? no, not unless you encrypt it, but if you lost your password/key or the encryption not working correct, you will lost your data forever.
    2)yes, folder settings is an attribute.
  5. so a 2nd os can access my locked files in D:? aww
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