HP Compaq dc 5100 TM intel drivers for windows 7 ultimate

I have formatting with window7 in my pc and problem for Aero Effect if you know to how to back Aero Effect please help me.
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  1. Pre built system, or laptop.
    Google it. Problem is the laptop is old, and I seriously doubt there is a windows 7 driver for the Intel graphics chip set, it`s old. Sorry but it happens all the time. If you can find the exact model number of the Graphics chip set you may have more luck, searching for it on the Intel website as they may of made a driver to run under windows 7 since they make the chip.
    It`s a Pig I know but things move fast, and often driver support for older systems is knocked on it`s head, hence the problem you have. There is an windows xp driver, but it may or may not work if you try to install it.
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